Hendersonville looks to install Freeance AVL package

on May 6, 2015

The City of Hendersonville is looking to add an additional package to their current Cityworks Mobile applciation. The package, known as Freeance AVL, will allow the City to track their vehicles, breadcrumb truck routes, and plot future pick-ups.

Technologies Edge will be handling the install, configuration, and training over the new few weeks.

“We have done a lot of work with the guys at Freeance and we have a ton of confidence in their product,” said Project Manager, Jerry Laliberte. “When Hendersonville came looking for a product, we introduced them to several developers but they ultimately decided to go with a package that would compliment their use of Freeance for Cityworks,” he added.

Technologies Edge has worked with Freeance developer, TDC Group, extensively over the last few years and has managed several Freeance projects throughout the Southeastern United States.

Based in Ohio, TDC Group develops the leading Cityworks mobile application, Freeance. For more information about Freeance, visit their website at www.freeance.com​ or Contact Us.